Flash Fiction Sunday!

Update Link: Scars – Part 8 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I’m finishing up the first four day weekend we get as teachers in November. This first one was always a favorite as a student — it’s the NJEA Convention, so teachers get two days off which we can use to go to the convention in Atlantic City. No one is paying for my hotel or gas, so I always skip, lol. We have some half days coming up next week, and then Thanksgiving right after.

I did my best to balance actually relaxing along with writing. There were a few IRL things I was hoping to get done, but didn’t quite make it, LOL. That’s okay. I cleaned the kitchen, and if I get my laundry done today, I’ll be happy. I took off all of Thursday to veg out and relax on the sofa while reading.

Next weekend, Flash Fiction will go back to its regular schedule with Scars on Saturdays and Signs of Life on Sunday. I flipped them yesterday for two reasons, but the most important was that I had visualized the next part of Signs more firmly than Scars and that helps when I’m working on Flash Fiction. Not knowing at all what’s next slows down the writing and the part isn’t as long.

I’m making good progress on Smoke & Mirrors, and I’ve figured out the structure of the project. It’ll be a bit different than my others. It’s a trio of novellas, each of which will be split into 5 parts. I’m hoping to get most of Elizabeth’s story done this month which will allow me to get Robin & Nadine next month.

I’ve been meaning to get a Story Status update, but my computer has been lagging lately. I’m starting to put away money to save for a new one — this laptop will be four years old in June, so that’s getting towards the end of a laptop’s lifetime, lol.  Not only is my video editing software dragging, but so are my games and other programs. I’ll have a text update for you at some point.

Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Saturday!


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