Flash Fiction Sunday

Update Link: A King’s Command – Part 20

Happy Sunday! Sorry about not doing flash fiction last night. I grossly underestimated how long it would take to get my shot last night. I waited in a decently long line (it was moving, but it was a mega site and lots of people in line, around 300 were there when I was). It was really well-organized — the Army did an amazing job. I’ve waited in worse lines. Unfortunately, due to my amoxicillin allergy, they made me wait another 30 minutes after my shot so I didn’t even leave until nearly 7. I still had to eat dinner — anyway. My next shot is scheduled for two Saturdays from now, but I’m more prepared for the whole thing and it’ll be earlier, too. Around 3, so I’ll be home by 7.

I’m glad you guys enjoyed the two snippets I gave you this weekend of what I’m playing with. I will say that as much as I love returning to worlds I’ve created like Mad World and Broken Girl, there is something fun about playing with something new, particularly Burn in Heaven. That’s a sequel to something already completed, but it’s a completely new narrative set several years later so I get to play in the same world with a whole new set of expectations.  I’m going to keep playing with some ideas this week — I think I want to play with Malice tomorrow on my break from work.

Very excited for you guys to finally start reading Fool Me Twice this week. The chapters are scheduled through Chapter 10, so we’re good to go for a full month, and I’m starting to feel slightly better. I mean, we’re still having better days than others, but getting back into the building and getting the vaccine shot — that helped. I’m still having that terrible ear issue but the sinus issue is cleared up and that was making it worse. I mostly block it with an earbud playing white noise so I can concentrate.

I hope to make up that part of Not Knowing When this week — maybe on Wednesday depending on how the week goes, so that I’m still finishing both on the same day. We’ll see 🙂

I might post a snippet of Malice for you tomorrow, but I might not, so I’ll see you when I see you 🙂


  • There is a light at the end of the longest tunnel. I’m happy that some of your health issues are going away and that you can use ear buds to kind of control the other issue. I’m still waiting to find out when I can get my first shot.
    I’m loving all of your snippets and look forward to more. I’m looking forward to reading Fool Me Twice. You write them and I will read. Lol. Take care of yourself and have a great week.

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