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Update: Signs of Life – Part 13

Happy Sunday! I’d hoped to bring Scars back yesterday, but my day did not go as planned. I overslept, and then my nephew’s birthday party kind of derailed the entire day. Plus, when I did have time to write, I wanted to work on other projects.

I reread the five chapters of Mad World that I wrote in July so that I could get a sense of how I felt about it. I actually feel ready to dig back into it, so I’m hoping I can do that tonight. My parents are coming over — my dad is gonna do some lawn work and my mom is looking at some of my genealogy research. I’m hoping they leave by 6 so I can work on writing tonight, particularly Mad World. I want to get back into it slow. Now, that I have a little bit of the writing mojo back, I don’t want to burn it out.

I’ve also been working on the murder mystery I promised The Liason Haven for New Year’s Eve. I’ve written two of these stories before, Death Becomes Her and Death By Candelight. The one I’m working on is the most ambitious so far — it’s the longest, at around 70 scenes which means it’ll be roughly a novella once I’m done — well a novella for me. It’ll be around 100k. I’m planning one scene a day for the next month, then bumping it up to two scenes in late September and October. I’ve written the first three scenes and I’m really happy with it.

I’ve posted a synopsis for this story, so if you’re interested, check it out — I’ll be talking a lot about over the next few months and Patreons will be getting versions of it as I write. The graphic right now is temporary. I have to finish screencapping and sorting my early Jason stuff.

Set in December 1997. Written for #GHWhoDunIt @ Liason Haven. Jason Morgan made a hasty decision to help out Carly Roberts when it seemed like the Quartermaines were threatening to take her unborn child away from her. He agreed to pretend to be the baby’s father until she gave birth and could leave town. Unortunately, he didn’t do the math and now everyone thinks he cheated on ex-girlfriend, Robin Scorpio, including Elizabeth Webber, the nursing student he’s been flirting with for a few weeks.

Carly is under her own pressure as former friend, Lorraine Miller, isn’t happy just covering up the paternity and keeping the truth about Carly’s past a secret. She’s demanding Carly pay up for the privilege of staying quiet. Tony Jones and AJ Quartermaine are demanding paternity tests and making threats, and everywhere Carly goes, it looks like someone is out to get her. She thought she had a chance to get Jason back when he agreed to help her, but nursing school rival Elizabeth is standing in her way. Everyone who knows Carly hates her.

Just after midnight on New Year’s, Carly’s body is discovered in the hospital supply closet. Which of her many enemies sliced and diced her? And what will they do to cover it up?

I’m hoping to bring back Scars next Saturday. My schedule is relatively empty, but my sister is moving this week so I don’t know, lol. Family is annoying.


  • sounds great.

    According to Nicole on August 22, 2021
  • I’m so excited about Mad World!! It’s my favorite!!

    According to Becca on August 22, 2021
  • Sounds very interesting.

    According to nanci on August 22, 2021
  • This sounds so exciting!!!

    According to Laura on August 23, 2021