Flash Fiction Scheduling

Hey! Popping in to remind you that I’m not tying myself to a Saturday schedule with Flash Fiction — I’ll update Flash Fiction either on Saturday or Sunday to give myself the maximum amount of flexibility with my weekends, so if I don’t update on Saturday, it’ll be on Sunday.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I started to feel a cold coming on and I never refilled my cough meds (I’m an adult with a terrible immune system, you’d think I’d know better).  I ended up not getting any sleep until 4AM and then it was only 4 hours. Frustrating, ugh, and I want to try and nap this afternoon, so I can work on NaNoWriMo tonight.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to move Flash Fiction to the middle of the week so free up my weekends for other writing now, and I wanted to see how NaNo went. With it being almost three weeks in, I feel really solid about that one hour of writing time I’ve carved out (at least until baseball season, lol), so we are going to make that switch.

The weekend of December 1/2 will be the last weekend Flash update, then starting Wednesday, December 6, I’ll be setting the timer at 7:00 and posting at 8.

See you tomorrow!


  • Hope you feel better!!! Definitely take a nap!

    According to Golden Girl on November 18, 2023