Flash Fiction Schedule Adjusted & Scars Completed!

Update Link: Scars – Part 25

Today is the last day of Scars! Thanks so much for the support in this story, and your patience as I left it on hiatus for almost a year. Tania asked me two years ago to write it and waited patiently as I created the universe with Darkest Before Dawn and A Shot in the Dark, so I could write the Tom Baker story properly.  And because I left a lot of loose ends with Cassadines, secret sisters, and twins, you never know. It might get another entry in the universe.

Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 As we get into the school year proper, I’m making an adjustment to the Flash Fiction schedule by eliminating the Saturday update.  The first three months of the school year are going to be a bit overwhelming as I get through my first two cycles. I spent a lot of time last year experimenting with my program — how to deliver the content, what kind of notes for the kids, the exercises, etc. — and at the end of last year, I had mostly figured it out. But I basically had no content written for my eighth graders. I planned to do it in August but, uh, we know how my August went.

I’m spending a lot of extra time that I wish I didn’t have to outside of contract hours. My content is completely teacher driven — the academic teachers get books and resources ready for the kids that need tweaking — my department literally has to create everything from scratch, and doing that for world languages is exhausting. I have to write the units and create the exercises for two more units, then create the teaching slides and the grading rubrics. And that’s in addition just everything else. Luckily, my other two grade levels are pretty well set, and I’m happy with the program. It’s just time-consuming.

I really want Saturday for writing — I finished the draft of Mad World last September-October because I concentrated from 10-2 on Saturdays. I’d hoped to do both, but so far it’s not working out. We can definitely revisit the schedule in the new year once my new units are written, and I won’t be doing so much work at home.

The new schedule is updated on the Canva calendarThe Last Time on Fridays and Watch Me Burn on Sundays. Once The Last Time is done, Invisible Strings returns.


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