Flash Fiction Saturday!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 48

First Saturday of the year, and I am exhausted. I have seven classes, and just over 110 students a day. Which right now feels insane because I used to have 50-60 kids to meet on the first day in just three classes. I mostly know all the kids now after four days, but it was a lot. I know I’m going to feel the difference in a month or two when I don’t have to start over with new kids two or three times, but it’s a bit overwhelming right now. And this week was particularly rough because the projector didn’t work for two days, and my two curriculum supervisors couldn’t get on the same page about which program I was going to use and my second subject, Freshman Seminar, was treated like the previous teachers as a throwaway class where things were just…figured out on the fly — I’m tired, lol.

All of that has been figured out, and I’m going to be working this weekend and during the work day next week to get myself into a good routine and prepped. But it was definitely an interesting challenge.

Anyway, as expected, I did not write at all and by Thursday, I dragged myself home and actually took a nap. But Friday — I made an excellent choice. I decided my French classes would just be media related — listening/watching French media and having kids react. Which really lets me take a breath and reset. And then my Seminar class is going to be Current Events. Basically, I’m going to find a way to make Friday as low key as possible, so I can go into the weekend without that extra level of exhaustion, and I feel the difference already.

But this week we’ll start slowly working writing back into the evening schedule! I’ll keep you in the loop when I update Signs of Life.

See you on Tuesday!


  • The first week of school is so exhausting and then you had other issues. I would be overwhelmed with so many students. I was self-contained Special Ed for years and then all of my students were put in the regular classes. So, I dealt with grades 3 to 4 and each with at least two teachers. Crazy times! I know you’ll do great especially with your students. I think media day and current events are great ideas. Have a great year!

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