Flash Fiction Saturday!

Update Link: Not Knowing When – Part 11

Hello 🙂 Happy to report it’s been twelve hours since I woke up and still no migraine turning. That’s a good sign, and I think the new nasal spray/steroid combo the doctor gave me on Thursday is helping. I’m just hoping it won’t be like the prednisone which resolves the problem while I’m using it but then it comes back. I feel better today – I was even able to cook dinner which was the first time I felt up to it.

I finished the Fool Me Twice subsite and linked the banner above to the site. I even scheduled the excerpt going up on Tuesday. I’m even happier about this decision to change the release schedule than I was the last time I changed it, LOL.

Not Knowing When has about five parts (after tonight), and I think I’ll be wrapping this up just around the same time I’m finishing A King’s Command. I haven’t finished plotting that one out yet, but five weeks would put me at ten more parts ish, which sounds about right. This means Signs of Life will be coming back some time in late March with the final story in the Collect Your Regrets (Devil On My Back) universe starting around the same time.

I’ve decided what to do with Flash Fiction once the in progress stories are done. I’ll be keeping the Friday-Sunday schedule for now, until September when I go back to work because my Fridays will be full days. When I finish Signs of Life and Devil on My Back, I’ll be switching to a new plan. I’ll update a story on Fridays & Sundays, and then on Saturdays, I’ll be bringing back the concept I used to write The Ghost in the Girl. Basically, taking a scene or storyline point that will be a short story (four parts) and doing that.


  • I’m so glad that you feel better. You got a lot done. Take care of yourself.

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