Flash Fiction Returns & Story Spotlighting

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 23 – Rated R

Spotlight: Mad World, Book 1

  • New weekly feature. Picking a story and highlighting for new readers and others who might have missed it. I was doing this back in the summer a bit with Throwback Thursday.
  • This week, I’m highlighting Mad World, Book 1. We have eight weeks to go before the release of the finale. If you haven’t read the series or reread in a while, think about getting started.
  • Mad World, Book 1 begins in June 2003 and rewrites the panic room storyline. It’s 19 chapters and I wrote it in what feels like a fever dream in July 2018. I wrote 77k in three weeks. It’s kind of insane to think about that.

News & Reminders

  • Mad World scheduled for April 4, 2022 release. Currently editing beta draft. I’m 15 chapters deep with 26 to go.
  • Counting Stars scheduled for April Camp NaNoWriMo. No ETA on release, but maybe in the fall.

Patreon Roundup

  • Stalker Tier: Mad World Beta Edit, Chapters 82-90 posted.
  • Obsessed & Stalker Tier: Crimson Discovery #6 blog posted. Also created post for Malice (Bittersweet sequel) with discovery material.
  • Crimson Check #10 for all tiers.

Thanks again for being so awesome about taking two weeks off from flash fiction. I felt a bit guilty last weekend doing almost nothing, lol, but it really paid off. I felt relatively rested and recharged going into this week, and I ended up doing everything that needed to be done. I’m completely on top of things at work, most of what I wanted to do at home is done, and I’m on track with Mad World. The first few weeks of editing are important because editing is super tedious, lol, and it usually takes some time to get into it.

I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed for a while with some projects I’d agreed to take on, but after this last week, I feel great about slowly finishing up a few things, including a project at Liason Haven that Kimmie’s been VERY patient about. It’s back on my list for February. (It’s not writing — it’s graphics). I’m also working on re-releasing ebooks but I’m having some issues with Adobe InDesign. I don’t want to rush it just yet because as soon I figure out this issue, it’ll be that much easier to start releasing ebooks regularly. It’s important to get it right.

I hope everyone else is having a great week! I feel like 2022 is getting off to a half decent start, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.


  • Wow! It was good for you to take off this time because look how much you got done. I’m happy that you’re feeling good about work and your writing. 2022 is definitely getting better.

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