Flash Fiction Returns! (also, hey, how was *your* week?)

Your Update Link: A Shot in the Dark – Part 13

So. Hey. How are you?

It’s been a minute since we did a Flash Fiction post, and I almost forgot how to set these things up, LOL. Thanks again for your patience, particularly since this story left on sort of an explosion and gunshot wound that left Elizabeth bleeding out while tryin to rescue Jake from the Cassadine Estate. Super good cliffhanger for like two months.

*bats eyes*

ANYWAY. We’re back, and starting our new schedule. I’ll mostly be doing these at 7 PM, except on weekends when my nieces talk me into staying over. The eldest launched a sneak attack last week, and the middle child decided it was her turn and it was all I could to convince to wait until next week. They’re sisters, so right now they’re too busy hating each other but man, if they ever figure out they’re stronger together, watch out world.

In other news, uh, so this week, huh? It’s been a lot. You know, there was the normal stuff that makes me want to scream all day. My pipes are still having clogging issues, I was finishing a class cycle and starting over, my kids are wonderful but they refuse to listen to the simplest of directions, and NJ is still getting 5-6k positives when we’re supposed to find out sometime in the next ten days if we’re still going back into the building on Feb 1 and my county can’t get vaccine supplies even if I were eligible to get it yet which I’m not.

And that was before Wednesday.

I turn off my social media and Internet during school hours usually, and not being in the classroom means I’m like cut off from the world. On my lunch, my best friend from college and my fellow political history addict texted me to let me know she had some time before a meeting and would watch the EC vote if I could take over after class was over at 2:30. Told her fine, text me if there was a civil war.


So, that happened and my week has been kind of trying to recover from the batshit insanity of all of that because I lost like eight straight hours to a panic attack from a girl who has spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading and writing about failed democracies for my history degree.

But you’re not here for a peak inside my dark and twisted mental health — you want to know how the writing is going.



It’s going.

Honestly, it was fine on Monday. And Tuesday. And then…welp. Basically, the big thing that’s not done is the Fool Me Twice Beta Draft Construction. This just means I’m not done figuring out how much of it needs work. I’m organizing the chapters, and I think I’m at Chapter 24 or something. I’ve got about eight more to do. I’m going to finish that tonight or tomorrow morning. And then I’ll be kicking off the actual beta writing on Monday.

The good news is that it’s not a lot of changes. It’s clean up, it’s a few extra scenes, a few extra chapters. I’m still on target for that Feb 23 date. Broken Girl is going well, and everything is fine. In the writing.  I wanted to be done the FMT Beta Construct on Tuesday, but it’s not a huge deal. We’ll all live, and that’s one of the reasons I gave myself extra time with the 23 date and not 16.

If you made it down here, I LOVE YOU. I am insane, I am aware. Try to survive until tomorrow, and I’ll see y’all then. Same time, same bat cave.


  • We’re all insane. I acknowledge that I’m a fun cray cray. It was a tough week for our country. It sounds like you’re trying to get writing done. I’m excited because Flash fiction is back. Take care of yourself.

    According to arcoiris0502 on January 8, 2021
  • Don’t feel too crazy, we’re living in an insane world. Waiting for the vaccine roll-out here, too. Everyone who even dips their little pinky toe into social media knew Jan 6 was the day hell would break loose (except the head of the Capitol Police) but still, watching it all unfold was surreal and horrifying. I started crying during the first contested certified vote and was praying the rest of the day. Looking for the good in it, it feels like a corner was turned, we’re heading in a new direction. We’re living through things slow, but someday we’ll look back and it’ll feel that it went by fast. Thanks for writing and sharing your stories, it’s such a treat and a distraction from real life. Bless you, God bless us all!

    According to jill on January 8, 2021
  • I was so excited as the days of the week started going by and I said: flash fiction returns on Friday, I can’t wait. Then Wednesday happened and I thought – wait does this mean my escape from reality will disappear just as in need it most because there is NO way anyone – including the fantabulous Melissa will be able to write fan fiction this week. Sooo glad you did. Can’t wait to read it because reality is – sadly – not shocking or surprising but still heartbreaking.

    According to LivingLiason on January 9, 2021
  • I am glad you are able to update when you
    can. I truly appreciate all that you do and please continue to stay safe.

    According to skatiefan on January 9, 2021