Flash Fiction Returns!

Your Update Link: An Everlasting Love, Part 14

Hey! So we’re finally back after taking most of last week off to get through some unexpected health issues. I’ve missed Flash Fiction, so I’m super excited to have it back. I had promised you guys we were going to wrap up Everlasting Love this week, and I definitely want it done before we get into August. Today, tomorrow, and Wedesday will be the final three parts of the story (I think there’s only three parts left — if I need one or two more days, I’ll take them, but we’re about out of story at least for the flash fiction part of this draft). Then, on Thursday, I’ll rework the schedule. I’ll let you guys know tomorrow or Wednesday which stories for which days.

Once Everlasting Love is done, I’ll be going into revisions on it so this week, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions — I want to flesh out the settings, revisit the relationships, and back story, etc — so let me know if you’re want to see something!

In other news, I’m working on getting back into my routine. One of the worst thing about getting sick is just getting back into real life and what you were doing before– honestly, got up at my normal time today and have been doing half of what I normally do — and I’m already tired, lol. So just easing back into it — working on things that have to be done, like last week, but trying to put structure back into it, if that makes sense.

What I’m super happy about is that last week did not put me behind with Mad World whatsoever. I got sick just as we were going into the final few weeks of Broken Girl in early March, and I was so mad because I’d built up so much momentum and I was on track to finish EARLY. Between being sick and the Covid shutdown in my district, I ended up just barely finishing on time. It was just frustrating to me on a personal level so when I got sick last week — I was determined not to do it again. NOT TODAY SATAN NOT TODAY. 

But! I wrote seven chapters in seven days — staying right on track — the only reason I’m not finishing by or on July 31 is because of adding a chapter and also taking extra time the week before — I was three chapters behind my schedule before I got sick — and that’s literally still the same thing today so that’s great. I had a great writing day yesterday — I wrote 12,806 words! If you’re checking out the graph in the sidebar, you can see that spike, heh. Very excited to move into revisions on this book and make some sense of this mess.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


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