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Your Update: A Shot in the Dark – Part 5

I’m happy to report that as of this post — I’m not planning to take a week off from Flash Fiction. I was able to organize and get everything for this week ready, and I’m hopeful to get into a routine the way I did last year. By the end of January, I was doing most of my work in the classroom, and able to keep my weekends free, and able to write at night. I’m teaching an exploratory course that starts over every three weeks or so which means once I get through this first cycle, I’ll have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t work. I’m not going to do an October status post because I can’t really set any plans or goals just yet. We’re going week by week — this week, I’m comfortable saying that as long as I’m not too tired, I’ll be working on Flash Fiction.

I scheduled Mad World’s chapters today! I did it slowly, a few chapters at a time so it didn’t feel overwhelming. To make sure they post in the right order, they’re scheduled a minute a part, starting at 6:39 AM on Tuesday, and posting steadily over the next twenty minutes until 7 AM.  I’m posting five chapters a day at FF.net and Archive of Our Own, starting Tuesday afternoon, and ending on Saturday.  I also wrote another scene for Fool Me Twice today, so we’re moving along on that.

I’m hoping to get back to the beta draft for Book 4 this week, but it’s lower on my list than FMT and Flash Fiction at the moment, at least for this week.

Note: Something that is not up for debate is the fact that I write a variety of Flash Fiction series. I don’t plan to stop writing any to concentrate on just one. It defeats the purpose of doing the Flash Fiction which was to give my brain regular breaks from working on the same novel for eight months at time. I’m convinced that I was able to write Mad World this summer at the same speed I did because I added Flash Fiction. I never got bored because I had so much occupying me between all the stories I worked on. It was a happy compromise and I have written more in 2020 than I have since 2003. It’s not a coincidence. I love my readers, especially Patreon supporters who make this something I can justify taking so much time to work on, but supporting my work does not entitle you to direct it. I love that you have favorites, I really do, but it puts pressure on me that I don’t need right now. Please do not leave requests when I haven’t asked for them. Thanks!


  • I hope I didn’t do that because I’m loving the flash fictions. Each one becomes a favorite as I read on. I’ll read whatever you post. I’m hoping that I didn’t make a request because I don’t want to put pressure on you because I believe that you already do that. I’m just in awe of your organizational skills.

    According to arcoiris0502 on October 4, 2020
  • I know I commented about favorites and said I was only half-joking asked about whether Patreon status gave me the ability to pick which story if you only had time for one . . . it was NOT meant to put pressure on you. I think which is my favorite changes with the day of the week and each post because they are all so good. If it seemed otherwise, I truly apologize because you know I adore everything you write and am grateful you take the time. Good luck this week!

    According to Living Liason on October 5, 2020