Flash Fiction & Official Mad World Release Date

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 28

News & Roundup

  • Official Mad World Release Schedule
    • Chapter 076 released Wednesday, April 6, and then every Wednesday until the end of April.
    • Starting Monday, May 3, chapters will be posted daily Monday – Friday until mid June.
  • Counting Stars
    • Writing for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Should finish the first draft somewhere in late May, early June.
    • Editing this summer.
    • Release in the fall.
  • Fool Me Twice, Books 2 & 3
    • Drafting this summer, editing next fall, release next winter in about a year with a similar M-F schedule.
  • Flash Fiction
    • Signs of Life should be posted until mid June, then a break.
    • Scars returns in July with more frequent updates (unsure, but definitely 3x a time to get it completed)
    • Planning to go on Flash Fiction hiatus in August.

Patreon Updates

  • Crimson Check #13 posted for all patreons.
  • Mad World – Final Edit
    • Weekly updates posted for Stalker tier started & Chapters 76-79 posted.
    • Monthly updates will be posted for Adored tier on March 31.
    • Full draft will be posted for the Devoted tier when it’s completed, sometime in April.
    • Weekly updates will begin for Love tier on April 2. They will get Sunday updates of anything that’s being posted that week.


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