Flash Fiction Moves To New Time!

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 9

Today is the first day of the new weekday schedule — Flash Fiction updates will be made in the evening. I’ll start writing around 7 PM (some nights I might do 6:30 PM) and post an hour later.  This is only for Flash Fiction — we’re done posting daily on August 31. Updates shift to Friday-Sunday, then Monday will be added in November when I launch Counting Stars. That’ll be posted at 7 AM with an update post going live at the same time. Hopefully that makes sense.

Two weeks from tomorrow, we’re back at school with the kiddos. Can’t decide if I’m excited yet, lol. I’m back to work for teacher prep days on September 1.

I can’t believe Mad World ends this week! Chapter 114 goes live tomorrow morning at 7 AM and the conclusion on Thursday!


  • I hope you have a great school year. God bless teachers!

    According to jill on August 22, 2022