Flash Fiction & Mad World Updated

Update Link: Scars – Part 13 | Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 105

Happy Tuesday! I hope you guys are ready to be annoyed by me all month! I played around with the sidebars again — I updated my current status and then added two new ones — a list of recent Flash Fiction updates and then recent Mad World chapters. I’ll keep the Recent Updates page current, but this might be quicker if you’re a few days behind. It’ll how the last 7 FF (at least a week’s worth) and then the most recent MW chapters.

I also added a widget at the  bottom for most liked posts. Don’t forget to give me a quick thumbs up if you read and liked the chapter! It takes zero time and helps me determine bot traffic from reader traffic 🙂

We’ll be back tomorrow with the next update for The Last Time!


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