Flash Fiction & Mad World Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 7 | Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 112

It feels so strange, knowing that we’re a week away from the end of Mad World. I’ve lived with this project so long, it just doesn’t compute. A reminder that I am doing a read through for typos and continuity errors, so I can create a final set of ebooks (I will also update the chapters on the site), so if you notice any, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Lauren’s service is tonight, and I’ve been asked to speak. I’m not really sure where my head is going to be after this or when I’ll be home tonight, so I’ll just note in advance that Scars might not happen tomorrow. If that happens, I still have one more free Saturday before we go into the fall schedule, so it won’t throw us off that final completion date. I won’t post about it or anything. If it doesn’t go up, I’m not writing.

In more positive news, I’ve been working really hard on my Discovery project, and this week has been a big breakthrough on Fool Me Twice, Book 2. I’ve finished plotting 75% of the book, and just have to finish up Act 3. Then I’ll move into Chapter breakdown. If I don’t write it this fall, I will definitely be tackling it as the next project, so it should be out next summer.


  • I’ll be thinking of you at Lauren’s service tonight. Take care of yourself and let your friends be there for you.

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