Flash Fiction & Mad World Updated

Update Links: Watch Me Burn – Part 5 | Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 109

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I’ll be posting a Flash Fiction on Saturday, making up for the Scars update I missed on Tuesday. I want to stay on track so that I can finish the majority of my summer flash fictions by the end of the year. We’ll try to do a better job of planning next year, but it’s been fun.

Thanks once again for all the kind thoughts I’ve received — especially to those of you who’ve reached out privately. I guess it’s also helped that I write a lot about grief in some of the stories, so I kind of understand what I’m going through. The way it sneaks up on you, the guilt for the few minutes or even hours that you don’t think about it — or you remember when you wake up, so it happens all over again.

There are definitely some hard moments ahead of me — Lauren and I were French students together (I majored, she minored), so a lot of the memories I share with my students are memories that Lauren is a part of. There are some jokes and stories that I won’t be able to manage for a while, or maybe I will some of the time. Grief is funny that way.

I scheduled the final chapters for Mad World this morning, making the final edits. That story concludes two weeks from today on August 25 with Chapter 115 and an epilogue. I’ll be doing a final read through this fall to clean up typos and fix an inconsistency (I mention Kelsey’s mother coming to Port Charles just once, and that was before I developed the Kelsey story in Book 4). Please let me know if you find any by commenting or messaging me on Twitter.


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