Flash Fiction Friday :)

Update Link: A King’s Command, Part 19

Happy Friday! We went back to the building for two days this week — we ended up being remote for snow on Thursday, and we’re always scheduled for half remote days on Fridays.  Really tired that first day, but it was better the second. I still don’t have kids in the classroom, but I get to do lunch duty which is something. That’s all great, but we already have teachers on quarantine on Monday due to a positive case in the school. Going to be an interesting few days. I’ll be doing Flash Fiction early tomorrow since I have my vaccination appointment tomorrow evening, probably early afternoon or so.

I’ve been working hard on getting Fool Me Twice ready for Tuesday’s release date — I’ve scheduled chapters through March 11, and I’ll have another week’s worth of chapters scheduled tonight as soon as I finish editing Chapter 8. Tomorrow, I’ll get Chapters 9 & 10 ready, then on Sunday, I’ll be working on 11 & 12. Chapter 12 is where I got stuck the last time, but I’ve given myself a decent buffer zone and managed to get it to fall on a Sunday where I’ll be able to work on it off and on all day since it has several scene rewrites.

Thanks so much to everyone who filled out the survey! I had so many responses I actually exceeded the free responses on Survey Monkey in the first 12 hours (40), so I made a copy and created a new one which had 30 more responses. I really appreciate all the response and interest in helping me work on a new project.

It mostly looks like you guys are interested in Broken Girl and Mad World, and you want more Liason stories set between 2006-2008. For Alternate Universe, you were pretty solid on Contemporary, but the other questions were mostly evenly split. I do appreciate this feedback, and I’ll be thinking about it more tomorrow and letting you know how I’m going to moving forward.

In Flash Fiction news, I sat down to plot out the rest of A King’s Command, and it actually works out evenly with Not Knowing When. Both stories will conclude by Sunday, March 21. On Friday, March 26, Signs of Life will return as the Friday/Sunday double feature. On Saturday, March 27, the sequel to A Shot in the Dark will be starting. I need to update the title for that one because I hate the working title. That’s the story Tania requested — a rewrite of the Tom Baker story in 2016.  I’m actually really happy that I’ll be starting the last of the Flash Fictions in March, which means they should be done by May and let me have a bit of a break to think about Flash Fiction going forward.


  • It sounds like you got a lot done and a snow day. I’m happy that you’re feeling better. I look forward to reading FMT and the flash fictions. I’m also reading one of your old ones from 2003.

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