Final New Flash Fiction Series – Stories From 2001!

Your Update Link: The Ghost in the Girl – Part 1 

I’m so excited! This is literally the first story I have ever written set in 2001! I’m anxious and nervous to dip my toe into this time period because I wasn’t watching actively due to high school — it was my junior year and I don’t think I ever slept between classes and activities. I vaguely remember the Face of Deception and Carly getting recast, but I was out of the loop and Mom actually stopped taping on the VCR for a few years around this period.

I didn’t watch GH almost at all from the summer of 2000 through the summer of 2002 and it’s been harder to get caught up with that time period because YouTube didn’t exist at the time, and I’ve never really prioritized going back to watch it.  The Ghost in the Girl is the first of a few things I’ve planned for 2001, and I’m really excited to dig into these new stories.  I included a thorough show recap to orient you to the time period and specific scene.

In other AMAZING news, I finished the beta draft for Mad World, Book 3 yesterday and posted it at Patreon for supporters $5 and above. I’m insanely proud of it, but I’m also glad to have a bit of a break, LOL. I’m taking this week to look at the construction of Book 4 so I can make the final round of edits for Book 3 starting next weekend. Starting the week of September 22, I’ll be posting a sneak preview of the first chapter — then another chapter the week after before releasing the entire book on October 6.

See you guys tomorrow with the next part of Not Knowing When!


  • You’re moving right along with Mad World. I can’t wait until you start posting it. I missed a lot of GH because of school, too. It was great when we finally got a VCR. Lol I left my review for The Ghost in the Girl and I loved it. I can’t believe that it was your first story because it’s so good. I look forward to more flash fictions from you.

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