Fiction Graveyard Off the Ground

So I set up the Fiction Graveyard page. All the stories are linked, only some of the them have content on the story pages. I’ll be added stuff slowly , particularly when it comes to Poisonous Dreams #1 (Yeah, I forgot the version I rewrote this year was actually the second one, ha) because that’s thirteen chapters, Aurora Dawning‘s first version is ten chapters and the original Shadows was at least thirteen, I think.

I also discovered one of my completed alternate universes never made it here — A Matter of Principles where Elizabeth is a cop married to alleged crime enforcer Jason Morgan. I’m not entirely fond of it, but it should still be here. I’ll add it at some point.

So in addition to the pretty Fiction Graveyard (located in the Readers section) page, two abandoned stories are posted:

Bring Me to Life, of which there is only an abandoned prologue so it’s posted in its entirety such as it is.
Silent Reverie, Prologue and Chapter One. There are two more chapters I’ll post tomorrow.

Plans for the rest of the weekend mostly include filling out some of the story pages to get ready to add chapters which will make life easier, working on the novella ebook collection, and doing some more writing.


  • This one wicked prologue! I’m withholding comment about “Mr. Lansing” until I see more. I do however look forward to any story line that unleashes Mama and Papa Bear when it comes to a threat to their cubs.

    According to kcke2pen on November 9, 2014
  • Would you be willing to let someone adopt a story from the graveyard?

    According to Miss Raye on November 9, 2014
  • It would depend very much on the story. Some of them are first versions of stories I later rewrote or plan to. Some of are going to be reworked as future stories, and others are still abandoned sequels to my own stories. Is there one you’re interested in?

    According to Melissa on November 9, 2014