Early Flash Fiction Update & Preview for 2001!

Your Update: A King’s Command – Part 1

Happy Friday! This is an early update because I have a wedding this evening — and Monday’s update will probably be in the morning as well because my sister-in-law asked me to baby sit so she and my brother can go to dinner for their anniversary. I never get to see my babies enough, so I’m not passing on that chance — but we’ll be back on the schedule again on Wednesday.

This flash fiction series reworks an idea I had when I originally launched Flash Fiction a long time ago, and it was definitely the most requested of all my older series. I hope you guys enjoy this 🙂

I only have a few chapters left to edit for Mad World, so I’m super excited to be finishing that up and moving into the final round of edits. I can’t wait for you guys to read it it next month! I’ll probably be posting the first chapter or two as a sneak peeks when we get closer, so stay tuned for that!

In other knows, I posted the summary for Sunday’s 2001 flash fiction — I mentioned that these will be shorter stories and ficlets, and I had finished organizing my 2001 caps the other day so I was excited to get use some of them. I’m going to preview them here for you:

The Ghost in the Girl

Set March 2001. After Elizabeth storms out of the Face of Deception photoshoot because of Carly’s attack and Lucky’s failure to support her, she turns to Jason.

Status: Not Yet Published
Genre: Romance
Type: Flash Fiction Series
Characters: Jason, Elizabeth, Lucky, Emily, Nikolas, Gia, Carly, Sonny
Couples: Jason/Elizabeth

And here’s the banner:


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