Early Flash Fiction Update & New GH Project

Your Update Link: A King’s Command – Part 2

Happy Friday! This should be last Flash Fiction that’s off schedule. My niece is sleeping over tonight, but she’s the last one who’s old enough, LOL, and I just had the other niece two weeks ago. They go through phases of thinking my house is the most amthe azing place in the world. Which — spoiler — it’s not. So we’ll be good in six months.

I am done breaking down Fool Me Twice by chapter — right now it looks like it might 32 chapters — but that will likely go up by 1 or 2 by the time I’m done. Next, I’m going to be soundtracking so that I’m ready to write on October 1. This weekend, I’m going back into the Beta Draft of Book 3 — can you believe we’re less than a month away from release???

And finally — I released the first episode of my new GH commentary series on YouTube, Crimson Suds. In the first video, I critique the kidnapping and ELQ take over series, drag Sam, and demand justice for Monica, Bobbie, and Skye — and Brook.


  • I loved your 1st Crimson Suds. That’s why I stopped watching GH after SBu came back because I knew he wasn’t going to be allowed to grow. He’s once again with the awful trio. Tracy was so right about Sam. I totally agree because they don’t respect history or their older actors. Sonny and company are never called out on their wrong doings while others are raked over the coals. I’m not a fan of the Sam character but she supposedly wanted kids so badly but she would sacrifice their legacy and they’re always with Monica. Thank you for saying how much she hated Jake Doe until he was “Jason”. If they’re soulmates, there should have been a connection like they showed with Elizabeth and Jake Doe. I didn’t know that Monica and Bobbie were fired off screen. What a slap to the face of the fans and actors. I thought you expressed what I’m feeling so much better than I can. Thank you!

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