Double Flash Fiction Update!

Update Link: Hits Different – Part 3

First, I need to tell you that Becky — as in REBECCA HERBST AKA MY QUEEN — has tagged me on Twitter thanking our Twitter group for sending flowers to her studio which Kim did (and graciously put all our names on the card) after the event last Sunday. This happened last night and I nearly lost my mind. Literally made my whole weekend.

In other news, today is the last day of my break (sad face) but I only have to work for 7.5 school days before ANOTHER four day break because November is the best month of the year. Our Thanksgiving break is just a week away.

I did some light housekeeping last night — finally updating the sidebar to make it a bit more navigable. I kept the widgets that list individual updates for Flash & Signs of Life, but also added links in for the story pages. A friend of mine had trouble finding Signs of Life (the non-Flash version), and I realized it wasn’t actually linked anywhere.  Plus, I updated the header to move the images because they felt like they were clogging things. AND I updated the Alternate History page so that Counting Stars is listed as completed, Signs has a link, and I added a link for the new Flash. (I need to do some more updates, but we’ll get there).


  • I saw that on Twitter. I’m so excited for you. The flowers were so beautiful! I loved the colors. Did you go see her?

    According to arcoiris0502 on November 12, 2023