Daughters & Damaged

damagedSo the early response to my preview episode of Damaged was so great, it inspired me to spend part of yesterday finishing off the special website I set up for the story. It’s all ready to go, complete with cast information, storyline previews, and polls, so if you liked that episode, go find out what’s happening next! The next episode will be posted on Saturday, April 18 🙂

I’ve added Chapter Ten for Daughters, as well. I plan to come back later tonight and add some more chapters to Surviving the Past, but  I may get side tracked with writing my paper for class, so if not later tonight, then morrow.

Later Update:

I added Chapters 9-12 for Surviving the Past. I also did some maintenance on the Take Me By the Hand series. I noticed handthat some of scenes that were supposed to be italicized weren’t, so I fixed typos and added words that were missing, in addition to rewriting the intro to it.

Note: I am aware that now that I’ve finished Part I of A Few Words Too Many, and begun Part II, the chapters don’t link together. I am working on a fix through the awesome plugin I use, Organize Series, but it may take some time. So for the moment, I am going to add manual links to link Chapter Eight to Chapter Nine. I’ll keep you guys posted. It means I’ll have to do some PHP customization I’m not up at the moment 🙂


  • I love all these updates. 🙂 I am super happy that you started writing again. I was a bit tired of re-reading my old collection of fics. =P

    According to Cora on April 14, 2014