Daughters: Completed! (Plus 2 Chapters of FWTM)

So after many many moons (eight and a half years), the final chapter of Daughters is completed. For the first time since I think began writing GH fanfiction, my alternate universe section has no in progress stories. Illusions doesn’t count as it’s on hiatus and backburnered for the foreseaable future.

I’ve also updated A Few Words Too Many with two chapters, because if you read Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 wasn’t there to read, people might set me on fire.  I’m going to be working on my paper the rest of the day, but I’ll probably take breaks, which is why I’m going to be working on whatever story my muse is in the mood for. Hopefully, I’ll write the majority of what’s left of my paper today, finish it tomorrow, and then spend the weekend on my German presentation.

Next week, one of my favorite people from back home in Philly is coming to see us in London, and she’ll be here until May 11, so between that and my German written final, I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing. Plus I have a dissertation conference to prepare for, but hey, look at all the writing I’ve managed to do with classes, trips, and papers 😛

Daughters: Chapter 19 – Completed
A Few Words Too Many: Chapter 17 and Chapter 18


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