Counting Stars Updated, Chapters 5-8!

Update Link: Begin with Chapter 5

Hello! Chapters 5-8 have been posted! Please remember, if you read the alpha draft, this final draft is VASTLY different — the OG draft had around 96k and this one has 134k. I added a lot and rearranged pieces, too. There are also minor edits between the beta draft and this one.

Apologies for skipping out on Flash Fiction this weekend. I’ve been struggling with some migraines from TMJ, and my neck and back were really making it difficult to sit for long periods of time. I’m supposed to be starting the treatment (finally!) for my neck and back this week, which is also supposed to alleviate some of the TMJ issues. Basically, one of my discs in my neck is compressive nerves in the same area which is inflaming my TMJ and causing the tinnitus in my right ear. The doctor doesn’t know if we can fully resolve it, but he’s hopeful that I’ll get some relief.

Anyway, it’s just messing with my creative energy, so I tried to concentrate where I could by finishing the edits on Counting Stars. That’s been completely edited, and I’ll be able to finish scheduling all the chapters.

I’m probably going to miss my NaNoWriMo goal which is a shame because I came really close all month to getting caught up, but the medical issues held me back. No worries. I go a decent chunk of the first Act done, and I can live with that.

See you later this week!


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