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Update: Begin with Chapter 28

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I swear, I hit the age of thirty-five and my body just decided to start betraying me at every turn. I developed an eye infection last week that isn’t resolving itself so I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow. The only reason I’m telling you this is that the computer screen is bothering my eyes and I already have to use it too much for work, so this last week was mostly a bust and so was this weekend.

But I was right that I did a lot of prep over the break that put me in good shape – if not for the eye situation, I’d have written more, including flash fiction. I did a teledoc visit last time, but tomorrow I’m going into the urgent care to see a doctor in person. Hopefully we’ll get it resolved, and I can enjoy my three day weekend next week to catch up on writing.

Anyway, I’m really excited about these last two weeks of updates! This is Act 3 of Counting Stars, aka the climax and resolution, and it’s been the piece of the plot that’s always been in my head. I just had to figure out what the rest of the story looked like. It’s a bit sad to see this story wrapping up — it’s honestly the fastest a story has moved from production to publishing for me — I started planning in January, and it’s already done, just barely a year later!

See you next weekend for Flash Fiction and the conclusion *fingers crossed*


  • I totally understand. I started falling apart at 40. It’s amazing what happens as we age. It just seems like you can’t catch a break but you will. Take care! I’m so behind on Counting Stars. It’s going to be great to finish.

    According to arcoiris0502 on January 8, 2023