Counting Stars – Updated!

Update Link: Begin with Chapter 21

I’m so excited for you guys to read this week’s update! Chapters 21 & 22 took FOREVER to write — I got stuck on them for two weeks because they had to be just right, but once I wrote the Jason scene in Chapter 21, a lot came together. They were added in revisions — it’s insane for me to think of the story without them now.

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is having a great couple of days 🙂 I took the first two days of my break for relaxing, catching up with sleep and holiday stuff.

Very sorry for the problems with last week’s update — I schedule the chapters in advance, and Chapters 17 & 18 didn’t post on time, which not only messed everything up, it also put the chapters out of order with the chapters listing. Super frustrating — but it’s fixed now. I didn’t schedule the chapters this week and just posted them one at a time. I’m going to look into the problem to make sure it’s not a normal thing.

I’m hoping to come back today later and begin a daily flash fiction post for the winter break, but my plumbing backed up again and my dad’s coming up to look at it. Not really sure what the rest of my day looks like, so definitely — starting tomorrow, I’ll be updating Invisible Strings daily until Monday, January 2 since it’s more of a sweet, straight forward romance, better suited for the holidays than the serial killer one, lol.


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