Chapter Ten, A Few Words Too Many

toomanyI’ll probably end up updating again later today with a chapter or two of Daughters, maybe some Surviving the Past.  I’ve added Chapter Ten of A Few Words Too Many. Funny story — the Jason/Elizabeth scene in Chapter 9 came out of nowhere. I originally intended that scene to go a lot more like the one in Chapter Ten. But, as I remarked on the message boards, Jason and Liz decided they knew better 😛


First Update: Chapter Eleven of Daughters. I shall return with others as I normally do because I’m a dork. (If this afternoon goes well, maybe even the next episode of Damaged. You just never know with me.)


Second update: Damaged, two days early! Some of the scenes just started to flow for me, so no point in holding back. Hope you guys like this as much as the first one. This episode really sets up the trajectory for the next few weeks. Click Episode 002 to read and please let me know what you think!


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