Canceling Flash Fiction One More Time


  • Cancelling Flash Fiction again
    • I was completely overwhelmed last week by work. It’s my first year working on the National Junior Honor Society and we had to plan our largest in person event since the pandemic that wasn’t graduation. It was literally just me and my co-advisor planning and executing the entire ceremony, from organizing the officers, the 48 new kids, the speeches, the decorations, the Covid extras–I spent soooo much time at work last week and was changing my welcome speech until literally an hour before I gave it.
    • I just didn’t get anything done all week that wasn’t the ceremony, to be honest, and by the time I got to the weekend, the thought of doing anything creative made my head hurt.
    • That being said, I have my duty period off tomorrow so I’ll have some downtime at work to decompress and get back on track and I took this weekend to veg out and recharge
  • January Recap
    • Despite a few hiccups with Flash Fiction, I’m happy with how the first month went and I feel like I mostly kept to my schedule and deviated when I needed to. It’s part of my resolutions to be generous with myself and honest with timelines and so far we’re good.
  • February
    • Goal is hit all 4 Saturdays for Flash Fiction
    • I’m also aiming to finish beta draft of Mad World, so cross your fingers!
  • See you next week!

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  • Crimson Discovery #5 added for Crimson Obsessed ($10) and Crimson Stalker ($15) tiers.
  • Mad World  – Beta Draft – Chapters 80-81 posted for Crimson Stalker ($15)
  • Mad World – Beta Draft  – Chapters 76-81 posted for Crimson Obsessed ($10)
  • Crimson Check #9 for all tiers.


  • Take your time.

    According to Shelly Wendy Samuel on January 30, 2022
  • Take your time and don’t overdo it

    According to Anonymous on January 30, 2022
  • That’s a very special ceremony for the students and it’s a lot of work. I’m involved in a scholarship program and it’s a lot of work and I’m retired. Lol Take your time.

    According to arcoiris0502 on January 30, 2022
  • Real life comes first. It stinks that you and your co-advisor didn’t get some substanstial assistance from other faculty/Staff/Parents. Kudos to you and the other person for seeing it through so that the kids got the recognition they deserve and a memory to last them a lifetime.

    According to nanci on January 30, 2022