Better Late Than Never – Flash Fiction Update!

Your Update Link: An Everlasting Love, Part 15

Hey! So I realized pretty quickly this morning that I wasn’t going to be able to get Flash Fiction up by 10, so I put up a Twitter message stating that we’d get to it — I just didn’t know exactly when.  I’m terrible at getting back on track when I get sick for a few days, but I’m just trying to concentate on what needs to get done and managing my own energy. Part of it is my own fault — I’m just not getting back into my sleeping habits which is throwing things off.

I’m continuing to plug away at Mad World’s first draft. A few weeks ago, I added fourteen chapters designed to go in front of the seventeen I had already written — and today, I finished that new beginning (which ended up being fifteen chapters) which brings Mad World to 32 completed chapters of a planned 39. I still have seven chapters left to write at the end of the story which I’m scheduled to finish around August 3. So far — this draft is 532 pages and 192k — which is, ha, INSANE. It’s longer than anything I’ve ever written, and sooo freakin’ messy because I wrote it out of order. Let’s just all be glad I’ve give myself two months to revise it — I’m gonna need it!

I’m hoping to get Flash Fiction back into a normal 10 am schedule soon, but I’ll just be happy if I can do them daily from now on!


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