Archive Updates

I haven’t posted any more of Daughters yet, I may do that later today, but I’m actually doing my paper for class. Just a few minor updates:

– I still have to post my distribution policy and whatnot, but in addition to posting a few of these stories at Return to Nowhere, the Liason message board, I also post at and Archive of Our Own, links for which lead to my profiles on those sites.

Damaged has been updated with a nicer layout, but it’s still not quite where I wanted it to be. I added previews for the next episode, which is almost done and if I finish the last three scenes before Saturday, I’ll post it early.

– If at any time you find a typo or missing word, please comment on the post/page and let me know so I can fix it. I constantly click on random stories to check for accuracies, and am always finding more.

–  The poll and coming soon page have been updated to reflect the change in status for Damaged. If you’ve already voted for that story and are unable to change your vote (or you’ve voted in general for one story and can’t change it but want to), please comment with what you originally voted for and what you want instead, and I’ll use that for my own final tallies.

– A Few Words Too Many and Daughters will be updated tomorrow.


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