Another Updated For Graveyard

So someone asked if I would adopt out a story from the Graveyard section since they are, for the most part, unfinished and abandoned. I replied to the comment, but in case the author doesn’t see it or someone else is curious, the answer is maybe. It would depend on the story. Several of the stories have already been rewritten or are in the process and some are sequels to previously completed stories. Those that are left are either abandoned for good or under consideration for being revised or rewritten.

For example, Silent Reverie is probably a good candidate for at least portions of the concept to find its way into a new story. I’m toying with wrapping pieces of it up into Mad World, which is still being outlined, but Bring Me to Life is as good as dead to me, haha.

So if you’re interested in a story from the Graveyard, just drop me a note or comment on the page to ask for sure. Any story that would be adopted, I’d have to ask you to use the concept rather than my own writing with credit to me for the idea.

Silent Reverie is updated through Chapter Three, which constitutes what I had written for it.

Poisonous Dreams #1 has the Prologue and Chapter One posted. I had competely forgotten the existence of this story as well as a song used in the first chapter, “Fiction” by Nik Kershaw which is fantastic 😛

Tomorrow, I’ll continue with PD and probably start one onf the versions of Burn in Heaven, if not both of them.  I actually forgot to list one of the stories that I’m rewriting, Inside Your Fear, which will I’ll get to it eventually.


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