All I Want For Christmas – Updated

christmasI moved around my posting schedule for All I Want For Christmas in order to lessen the gap between a few parts. I’ll be posting the next part on Thursday, Dec 11 and then Part Four on Dec 16. I want to post often, but space it out so that Christmas Eve chapters are closer to that date, and finish it with New Year’s Eve.

Lisa asked about the angst content — when you compare it to A Few Words or The Best Thing, it’s practically pure fluff. But, haha, yes, there’s some conflict.

The response to that first part has been amazing, and it means so much. I post across five sites (here, Road to Nowhere, Archive of Our Own,, and Liason Underground) and though it can often be a time consuming process, it’s worth it since I average closer to 15-20 feedback responses for everything I post. You guys are fantastic 🙂

My aim at CG is make it easier for you guys to find what you want to read and to find it fast. If there is anything I can do to facilitate this, to make it easier, please don’t hesitate to tell me. This site is for you guys, after all 🙂 madworld

I had a breakthrough on Mad World, and I was finally able to iron out the ending. I think it’s so much better than the original story or the second attempt to plot it and I’m looking forward to outlining it in more detail. Thanks for the response to the poll.

I’m still tweaking the site so please bear with me 😀


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