Added New Short Story: I Love The Way You Lie

I’m home from vacation, but I don’t think anyone had time to miss me šŸ˜› I wrote a little ficlet from a prompt in writing book and decided to plague you with my little Elizabeth story: I Love The Way You Lie.

I’m a bit sad, since they killed AJ off on GH this week. I knew it was coming, but it was heartbroken to see one of my favorite characters ride off into the sunset. They killed AJ off in 2005 during a period I was working and didn’t have a DVR, so I barely knew it happened. I have a few favorite characters to whom my loyalty is boundless–that’s AJ, Elizabeth, Dillon and Patrick. That’s it. I go through periods where I loathe characters (I always tell my mother that if I ever wrote the show, on my first day I’d blow up Sonny. I used to say Sonny and Courtney, then they killed her, and now I think I’d send Sam, Silas, Kiki and half the cast with them. But Sonny for sure), but these four can do no wrong. I will always find a reason to love them anyway. AJ was so deliciously damaged that there was nothing to do with him but build on it, but nope. Sacrifice him on the almighty altar of Sonny and Carly, even make his death all about them. I love Carly, but mostly because I write her in my head the way I want her to be, not how she is.

ANYWAY! The point of the above was to say the decision to kill AJ has actually spurred my writing a bit in some aspects, so it’s not all bad, but still…

I’ll resume reposting Aurora Dawning tomorrow, as well as add a new chapter of A Few Words Too Many, and the first two new revised chapters of Daughters.


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