Actual Update Of Sorts

I remember once I read a quote from Nora Roberts, who writes like some people breathe (that is…constantly) that she doesn’t get writer’s block. Writing is her job and who ever heard of plumbers getting plumber’s block. There’s something to this, but hell if I’ve ever been able to adopt this mentality. I keep trying.

The Best Thing is annoying me, so I’m going to write it out of order — pick out some of the key scenes, some of the more crucial stuff to get my juices going. Forcing myself to write some of this early foundation stuff is making my head hurt and I think it’s blocking me. I did this for A Few Words Too Many which stalled at some points, but I was smarter about posting that so you guys never noticed.

So as I work on that, here’s some relevant updating news.

– Some friends and I used to post a lot on a site called Liason Underground. With the resurgence of Jason in the guise of Billy Miller, we decided to restart the board. For the moment, it’s small and just general discussion and friends getting caught up. But we’re a friendly bunch and would not mind hearing from other fans. Here’s the new link: Liason Underground.

– Damaged is…on permanent hiatus. I have to post on that site to reflect that change. It’s just…not in my head anymore the way it was when I started, but I have a ton of ideas still for it, I just…have to step back and stop forcing it.

– Here’s the fun part of the post: Since I haven’t posted anything new in nearly three months for the most part, I feel ridiculously guilty about it. If you’ve visited the site much, you know that I’ve been on a mission to recover stories that were once lost to me in various computer crashes and…board bannings (ha, does The Canvas still exist?) Anyway.  I have portions of stories that were never finished and are unlikely to be continued. If people would like, I could  repost those pieces from the stories listed in the Fiction Graveyard so at least there’s something to read. I’ve posted a poll.

[socialpoll id=”2226726″]

– I started to repost Daughters at Archive of Our Own and Beginning tomorrow, I will continue that process.

– If you have registered for this site and did not receive an activation code or password to start your account, please reply to to this message so I can sort it out. We did a bunch of this over the summer, but I haven’t gone through it since.

I assure you, my mind is usually on my stories, I’ve just been blocked in my brain. I am doing different things to break through.


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