A New Preview Added, A Lost Fic Found

siteSo a few things today. I have three or four chapters ready of Daughters, I’ll probably post them later tonight if I’m up to it when I get home from the pub. The next chapter of a Few Words Too Many will be posted tomorrow morning.

I’ve posted a preview chapter of the rewritten Mad World, which came into my head as I was rewatching Elizabeth’s original rape storyline from 1998, making me fall in love with my originial Liz & Lucky. My first love was Lucky Spencer, and I never thought anyone else could be as perfect for her as he was. Of course, then they recasted him with Jacob Young and killed everything I ever loved about him over the next decade, but even before JY came around, I had already seen the beauty of Jason and Elizabeth, and like Elizabeth, I was ready to move past my own first love 😛

So please read the preview and if you’d like to see Mad World sooner rather than later, let me know in the poll. You can still change your vote 🙂

An awesome reader (Carla) answered my prayers, and sent me a copy of Surviving the Past, a fic I wrote back in September of 2002. I was going through a lot of things, and that story was my answer to dealing with some tough issues a friend was dealing with. It was a darker story, about surviving child abuse, and while there are things I might do differently if I wrote it today, it’s one of my few early stories I don’t want to set on fire. So if you’re interested in having me repost it (it’s over 25 chapters and it’s complete), let me know by replying to this. It’s a dark, and not always happy fic, but it’s close to my heart and I’m relieved to have it back in my possession.

By about June of 2003, I had written almost a hundred stories, most of them short little episode tags and short stories, and nearly half of them were lost in a combination of computer crash, domain data loss, and board bannings. If you ever come a cross a story that is not posted here, but is by me, let me know. I have a folder full of lost fics I need to add from Liason Undergound.


  • Yes please post Surviving the Past

    According to PAMELA HEDSTROM on April 9, 2014
  • The preview has hooked me. I am changing my vote to Mad World. 🙂

    According to Cora on April 10, 2014