A Few Words Too Many – Chapter 2 Posted

Hey. I was thinking about trying to post this Monday or Tuesday, but I’ll be in Oxford, and I may not have the opportunity. My plan is post it Mondays & Thursdays until it’s completed. Theoretically, that’ll be about the third week in May, at which point either These Small Hours or Tangle will start being posted, depending on which one is further along at that point.

I also added an updated story status post, if anyone is interested.  Day Three of Aurora Dawning and Chapters 8-10 of Yesterdays was moved over as well.

A Few Words Too Many: Chapter 2
Aurora Dawning: Day 3
Yesterdays: Chapters 8, 9, 10
Story Status Update


  • Thank you I like what you are doing

    According to Shelly Samuel on March 30, 2014