27 Feb 2014

March 2014
3 March – Lullabyes, a Scrubs prequel to Hand Me Down, will be posted. Already finished, just leaving it alone for a day or so to have a fresh eye for typos.

10 March – Shadows, Part 2. A few more scenes to finish, and then re-reading for typos.

17 March – Daughters, the first bulk of edited chapters will be posted. I’m reorganizing the scenes to make the flow better, and adjusting some early dialogue to better reflect ideas and characterization that sprang up later in the the story.

24 March – Daughters, second bulk of edited chapters

31 March – Daughers, the last of the edited chapters. My hope is while I am editing the chapters, I’ll be able to write the last few chapters and post them alongside, but if that doesn’t happen, updates for Daughters will resume at a date later specified.

April 2014
Tangle — I’m in the process now of rewriting the story (I’m already one chapter in). The changes are going to make the story a lot better and set up the sequels better than I thought they would be.

These Small Hours — Updates will resume. I’ve been working on the chapters that already exist, and they’re going to be reorganized slightly for better flow. Updates on this story will continue in April.

May 2014
In addition to Tangle and These Small Hours, updates will resume on Daughters, if it isn’t already completed. I also hope to start posting A Few Words Too Many, the rewrite of Poisonous Dreams. The changes in this story are going to be stark.

June 2014
At this point, I will have three or four stories actively in progress, so those stories will continue to be updated until completed. Daughters will be completed by the end of this month.

Other Stories To Be Eventually Worked Into Schedule
Fallen From Grace
Life for Rent
Burn in Heaven
(sequel to A Few Words Too Many)


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