Flash Fiction & Mad World updated!

Update Links: Scars – Part 17 | Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 114

Had my last doctor’s appoint of my summer vacation today — and got the results of my MRI. It’s what she thought last month, but she was able to get a more finalized diagnosis. I have arthritis in my neck cased by degenerative disc disease, and there’s a possibility that I’ll have issues with my left arm in the future. Just super fun, really. No real treatment beyond managing the pain at this point. It’s just a condition I’ll be living with for the rest of my life, trying to keep it from getting worse. I have my appointment for the pain management clinic, but they can’t see me until October. Getting old is stupid.

Second to last update of Mad World went live today. We’ll finish up with Chapter 115 and the epilogue on Thursday.


  • I have arthritis in my neck too… and need cubital tunnel surgery in my left elbow… so i’m sending you super healing thoughts!

    According to Reina Torres on August 24, 2022