12 March 2014

In Progress Stories

Shadows – Part 3 is coming along slowly because the scenes are longer than I had anticipated, so it’s going to be more like this weekend, which is frustrating because I want it done, but oh well 😛

Daughters – Working on editing the chapters, but I won’t be posting them starting March 17. I’m going to wait until all the chapters are edited and I finish the last three so I can post in spurts and also cross this one off the list.

Tangle – Working out my rewrite, and hope to be posting sometime in May.

A Few Words Too Many – The rewrite is going really well so far, I may move posting up to April if it keeps rolling along, and post that instead of Daughters or Tangle.

These Small Hours – I’m reworking my original outline, it feels a little dated and missing some elements so it’s slated to return in late May, early June.

Other Stories Planned

Mad World – Working on the revisions, and hope to have it back in late summer.

Fallen From Grace – Plan to have it back in the fall. I’m working on it when it feels like being written, but I don’t plan on posting it until I’ve completed it.

Life for Rent – Plotting out the second two stories, and will be working on them off and on. Two stories left, will be posted when completed. No planned return date.

Damaged – In the very early stages. No planned posting date.

Heaven Forbid – In the early plotting stages. No planned posting date.

Burn in Heaven – Waiting until Few Words Too Many is completed, but tenative plot plans are in mind as I’ve been working on these off and on for years.


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