General Hospital

Welcome to my miscellaneous General Hospital section! Over the last twenty odd years I’ve collected a strange assortment of things that doesn’t really have a place anywhere. I have a ton of graphics, a ton of photos and magazine articles, and just…stuff that needs somewhere to go. This page continues to be under construction.

Media & Graphics

100 x 100 icons — This was a collection I originally created for LiveJounal back in the day, but it’s a pretty good size for message boards and Twitter now. It’s heavily 2006-2009 with some 2014 thrown in. I have a huge Georgie Jones collection because I created it after they killed off her character. She got a really sweet montage that Emily’s character either just didn’t or I didn’t feel the same way about it.

60 x 60 — Ezboard originally only allowed for this size for your avatars, so I have a big collection of these. I, uh, don’t know what you’d do with them now but you’re welcome to them.

Signature Banners — I created these for the message boards. Enjoy.

The Show

Crimson Suds – a rarely updated opinion blog about Soaps. Hoping to get to it more.

Photo Gallery – I have a very strange and very extensive photo gallery for A LOT of the cast.

Resources For Writers

Locations & Scenes — I’ve been working on this in my spare time to catalogue all the different pieces of scenery in Port Charles, trying to organize pictures and information to help my own writing.

Character Profiles — The profiles I use when I start to write a story — it would be thinking about the character’s personality and traits rather than their history.

Random Stuff

The Sims 4 Daytime Custom Career – Yeah, so this is something I’m working on for my own benefit, lol. Right now, it’s a work in progress, but I’ll post the details as I work on in case anyone has any thoughts of opinions.