Untitled Flash Fiction

Alternate Universe. Written in 25ish minutes.  It has no title because I am bereft of inspiration. Maybe one day.

From the minute Jason Morgan walked through the doors of the Queen of Angels church after a year of being away from Port Charles, he could tell that something was seriously wrong.

Even more wrong than the reason he’d ended his global travels and hurried back to his hometown after an upset phone from one of the men who had stepped up as Sonny Corinthos’ right hand man in the organization after Jason had decided he’d devoted enough of his life to violence and mayhem. He’d needed to get out. Desperately.

There had been a shooting at the penthouse where Sonny lived with his wife, Brenda, and tragically, his boss’s beloved wife had died. Sonny was inconsolable, no one could find their doctor to take care of him, and worse—no one could understand how Anthony Moreno’s men had managed to penetrate their security and made it to the top floor of the apartment building.

But when he returned to Port Charles, just in time for the memorial, he saw immediately the rot that had set in since he’d left. There was no security on the church, and the men that sat with Sonny up front weren’t looking around—weren’t aware of their surroundings.

Jason slipped into the back pew where Johnny O’Brien sat, leaning back with his arms folded. “Any word?”

Johnny shook his head, silently as the priest at the front of the church continued to drone on. Most of the congregation had tuned out of the long Latin mass that Sonny had insisted on. “Some sort of breach in the security room. The cameras were off in the entire building. And Sonny got rid of the parking garage guards, so—” He jerked a shoulder. “The doc is still missing in action, and that’s weird, Jase. He never would have taken off like this. Not with Brenda—”

Johnny exhaled slowly. “He took care of her after the miscarriage six months ago, you know? And I just can’t seem him not even—”

“Wait, he’s missing completely?” Jason hissed under his breath. “How—he works at the hospital—”

“He hasn’t shown up for a shift since the shooting. Some of the guys think maybe he did this—but nah, no way—” Johnny rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t know. I was finishing up the Puerto Ric run when it happened. By the time I got back, no one wanted to talk about it. Sonny isn’t even demanding that many answers about the security breach.”

“He could just be…” Jason trailed off. He exchanged a look with the other man as they both remembered Sonny’s breakdowns. He’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder two years earlier, but had refused to go on any medicine. Had refused that sign of weakness. Brenda had always been good at keeping him even and balanced, but— “I shouldn’t have left,” he said roughly.

“You had your reasons,” Johnny murmured. “I know how much Michael meant to you—” He broke off, leaned past Jason as someone new lingered in the door way. “Oh. Did you know she was coming?”

Jason followed his friend’s gaze and saw the petite young brunette standing there, hesitantly, her eyes searching. When she saw them in the back pew, she bit her lip and approached them. Johnny immediately slid down, and Jason followed, keeping himself very still and maintaing at least six inches between himself and Elizabeth Webber, Steven Webber’s favorite sister and…

“Thanks,” Elizabeth said, flashing a white smile at them, her eyes darting around the church, her fingers trembling as they were clutched around the strap of her black clutch. “I, um, I haven’t heard from Steven—and the news—I just—I was worried. So I flew in from Boston—” She stopped, looking at her hand where his eyes had also gone. At the slim golden band and diamond ring on her fourth finger.

“I’m sorry—” Elizabeth started to yank it off, but Jason stopped her, covered her hand with his. “I’m sorry,” she repeated, dully.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Jason said. “Elizabeth—” He grimaced, then turned to Johnny. “O’Brien, go find somewhere else to sit. Now.”

When Johnny had slunk away, Elizabeth drew in her bottom lip, her teeth sinking in. “You haven’t seen Steven have you? He said you were away, but you’re back now—”

“I just got in this morning. And, no, I haven’t talked to Steven in months.” And if Steven Webber wasn’t in touch with his sister, then—

“I’m scared,” Elizabeth admitted, as she stared forward, down the long aisle of the church, down the thirty or forty pews that lay between them and the altar with the white coffin decorated with flowers. “I really can’t lose someone else I love.” She glanced at him, and for a moment—they were united as the parents they’d been a year earlier when their son had died. Then she looked away, her lips pressed tightly together.

He’d woken from the accident with a blank memory and pretty woman claiming to be his wife and the mother of his child. He’d pushed her away, but Michael was different. He’d fallen in love with his son. Until the day they’d lost him, and any chance of rebuilding a life with her had slipped away.

It had been Jason’s fault their son was dead.

And, maybe, indirectly, it would be his fault Steven Webber was missing.



  • Ok, can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next.

    According to Shelly Samuel on September 28, 2019
  • Really good and I can’t wait for an update. So many questions. Liz has a wedding set on. Is she married again or has she never taken of the set from her marriage to Jason? Why was security so lax and did Sonny have something to do with it and was Brenda the target? Sonny as we know him would be climbing the walls. Did Sonny do something to Steven? Could Brenda be faking her death? Like I said so many questions.

    According to nanci on September 29, 2019
  • Great start!

    According to Michelle on September 30, 2019
  • Love the start of this fic,can’t wait to see what happens next. Are they still married?

    According to Shay on September 30, 2019
  • Love it! Nice and messy right off the bat. So many questions to answer, looking forward to the rest! And again, thanks for feeding my hunger.

    According to Jill on September 30, 2019
  • Jason has qustions well so do I. I wonder if Sonny went off the rails and Steven took Brenda away until they can get Sonny under control. I also would like to know what happened to Elizabeth’s family.

    According to Carla P on September 30, 2019
  • See – why do you do this? Now, you have another story that you MUST finish because you are just that good. I’m hooked and it only took you 25 minutes.

    It’s funny because I finally watched a few GH clips of the FrankenDrew storyline a bit ago — saw people talking about Liason and thought maybe GH was going to snare me back in. And, between that, this and something else, all I keep thinking about is one of my favorite stories (though not one of yours), This Bitter Pill. So many ways to run with that set up, so much story to tell. I feel like you could take this start and give TBP a run for its money. And, I am NOT suggesting that this is the same story line or any of that – just the starting premise of Jason waking up and not remembering his wife/child. Oh my goodness, I can already imagine all of the ways you would explore the depth of these characters in that situation. Oh . . . please, please keep going with this.

    According to Living Liason on October 2, 2019
  • Yeah…seriously. You’re going to need to continue this one. 🙂

    According to Julie on October 2, 2019
  • Really good. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

    According to Felicia on June 12, 2020