The End of Everything

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At one point before the spoilers came out about the PC Hotel fire in 2004, Luke and Skye were reopening the Haunted Star and there was supposed to be a lot of drama regarding that. When there was none (I actually don’t even remembered what happened at all), I decided to rewrite it.


Picks up January 2004. Brian Beck is still around, I don’t think Courtney’s shot him yet. She and Jason are technically married. Sonny and Sam have started their affair. Elizabeth and Ric are married, she’s five months pregnant.

Fiction Graveyard

So the number one reason this was never finished was the fact I had no idea what I was talking about in regards to premature babies and whether they can actually survive at twenty-five weeks (especially in 2004). I had a sneaking suspicion I was making it up and that bothered me.

I do plan to revisit this time period at some point, so don’t lose hope with this particular story.


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