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So the inspiration for this story is pretty solid: ISB had been very well received and some people wanted to see what would happen next for the women (specifically Carly and Elizabeth), so I had decided to write a sequel pretty much right after I finished ISB in 2004.  Except I’ve never been able to write it for many of the reasons I’ve outlined when I talk about the problems with ISB in general.


I kept changing when I would open the story, but I usually started in 2005. When I revisited the concept this last year,  I thought I could work past the problems and move it a bit later, but nothing every came together. Anyway, what I’m posting below begins in 2005, about a year after events wrapped up in ISB in June 2004.

Fiction Graveyard

So I recently decided that I will not be continuing Slide, or more specifically, continuing with a sequel to I Shall Believe in any fashion. The more I tried, the less it worked. It’s the same problem I had with writing a sequel to Poisonous Dreams. I came to dislike the first story so much that continuing it just didn’t work for me. I rewrote that into A Few Words Too Many, but I don’t dislike ISB as much. I would do it better so much better, but I’m not entirely dissatisfied with how it came out. For more on why ISB is troublesome, I wrote about it in Fanfiction 101.

I did decide to revisit the summer of 2003 and rewrite the panic room story fall out, which would lead into the same events of ISB, and will incorporate several of the ideas I had for Slide, so I haven’t given up on what I had planned.


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