Out of the Dark



This story was intended to serve as a prequel to Surviving the Past, to explore the back story of Jason’s accident and Elizabeth learning of her connection to Sonny.


This is an alternate universe story, but within the timeline set by StP, it begins roughly eight years or so before the second story. I’m not positive, I don’t remember quite when I set StP.

Graveyard Status

I never got very far with the prequel for a few reasons. While I liked StP, and I know it was well received, I definitely didn’t quite know what I was going to write until I did it, so it’s kind of messy and didn’t lend it self well to a prequel. This story was also going to be very dark, and I don’t think I was equipped as a writer to take it on.

The odds are against me finishing this story. If I ever revisited the concept, I’d have to rewrite StP as well and I just don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.


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