Poisonous Dreams #1



I had completely forgotten until I was searching the archives of LU for some older chapters that I had rewritten Poisonous Dreams already — this is the very first version that I posted in April 2003. I’d say maybe three or four months later, I decided to chuck it out and rewrite it, though the Liz/Luke scene in the first chapter made it.

So my reasons back then for rewriting it? This version doesn’t really suck. There’s some good in it, honestly. But I think I was impatient back then, not really allowing much time for build up or fall out. There are only thirteen chapters (I remember a fourteenth that I think I ended up chucking in favor of a total rewrite), but I packed too much with too little to deal with.

In fact, the reason I rewrote PD in the first place is one of the reasons I completely re-envisioned it for A Few Words Too Many. Jen commented on the latter on the fact I had started with a basic premise (Jason and Sonny protect Elizabeth and her child) and taken two completely radical directions. I felt as though I could do it better, though I know many don’t agree.

You’ll note that many aspects that ended up in the second version of PD remain here and are absent or played down quite a bit in A Few Words. This is intentional–there were too many characters sharing too little space. I fully intend to build on some of these in Burn in Heaven, the sequel which has also seen two versions chucked in favor of a third.

So, this was rewritten in Poisonous Dreams 2.0 and then completely revisioned in A Few Words Too Many. Please feel free to read all three versions and enjoy them for what they are.