Story Status, 15 February 2014

1. Untitled Episode Tag, 14 February 2014 — Post-confrontation with Elizabeth/Britt.  ETA: 22 February 2014

2.  Shadows, Part 1 – The new Shadows is almost completed, and will be two long pieces. The first part will be posted 1 March 2014, and the second part, 8 March 2014.

3. The following stories will be expecting revised chapters to begin being posted 1 April 2014: Tangle, Daughters

4. The following stories are expecting updates to resume after 1 May 2014: These Small Hours, Daughters, Tangle

5. This summer, the following stories are expected to be completed: Daughters, Tangle, Shadows, These Small Hours.

6. New stories to be posted starting 1 July 2014: Untitled Revision of Poisonous Dreams, Fallen From Grace


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