Story Status – 8 May 2014

My muse is a fluid thing, so in the three weeks since I last sat down and disected where I am regarding stories, statuses and ideas have shifted.

In Progress

1. The Best Thing — Chris, my muse, fell in love with this story as I was outlining it. I’m averaging almost a chapter a day, hopefully will have it ready next week to post. It’s storyboarded through thirty-seven chapters, so it’s going to be a long one. I am super excited about the changes I made since I originally outlined it in March. I saved those original plot sketches to post when the story is further along for those of you who are interested.  I also saved a deleted scene, as I tossed my original opening scene in favor of something much better.

2. These Small Hours — I had originally planned to just dive into this based on a new outline I wrote in February, but I think it lacks balance, depth and I want to concentrate on a few key themes. I’m working on this one, and don’t really have an ETA for posting.

3. Tangle – I haven’t retitled this yet, and for some reason, it’s being quite bitchy. A Few Words Too Many gave me similar troubles, so it might be time to pick a character and just start writing their POV scenes. I did that with Carly in FWTM and then the story just started to flow.  I’ll probably start that sometime next week.

4. Turning Points – I’ve started part six. I don’t know how long this will be, I write it when I feel like it, so there’s no real ETA on how I’ll be posting.

5. Come On Eileen – I have started the second half of the story, and hope to fit it in at some point.

6. Damaged — I’m working on Episode 004, but The Best Thing has been flowing so well, I try not to piss Chris off by working on things he doesn’t want to do. I have it about halfway finished. Hopefully soon — I probably won’t be posting it on the schedule I had hoped for initially, though.

Storyboarding & Outlining

4. Mad World — I had outlined the rewrite initially, but there were some aspects I didn’t like, particularly the ending. I’m playing around with it, but there’s no ETA on posting.

5. Inside Your Fear – A short novella based on the four chapters of this I originally posted in 2003. It’s storyboarded, but I just haven’t felt inspired to write it. It’s a Courtney story with Elizabeth and Jason as supporting characters, so that might be why it’s been difficult.

6.  End of the Beginning – Johnny/Nadine prequel to Tangle. Ready to go, just waiting for inspiration to strike so I can write it.

Stories Backburnered/On Hiatus

7. Silent Reverie – This, along with the The End of Everything, have basically tied for resurrection. I have to reoutline the story. I may rewrite the earlier portions. I also have to go back and research the Nikolas/Lorenzo/Mary connection if I want to bring that in. It’s not high on my list of priorities though.

8. Collision – As always, still in the outline process. I’ve been debating scaling down the story, which would make it easier to write. We’ll see.

9. Pictures of You – I finally remembered what made me write this story when I was doing Jason research for Damaged. I think I was going to have Jason turn Sonny into the Feds to save Spinelli, which explains him skipping bail. This doesn’t change the fact I’m unlikely to ever write it, but heh, I do love the opening scene I wrote for it, so you just never know.

10. Slide – Still in the outlining stages. It could happen at any point, if inspiration strikes.

11. Heaven Forbid – Still leaning towards either trashing it or finding someone else who might want to write it. I’d happily send along my plot sketches for it.  I just have no interest in writing for GH in 2014 apart from Damaged.

12. Illusions – I’m playing with the first few chapaters and the outline I wrote all those years ago. It’s something I want to write, but I have it set up now for Sonny/Emily, and good grief, no. So I’m still figuring it out.

13. Fallen From Grace – I’m going back to the outlining stage with this, to play around with my initial thoughts. I had intended it to be a messy relationship story, where Nikolas/Robin are married, but she’s drawn into an affair with Patrick, who has been dating Elizabeth. She turns to Jason, etc. It’s insane, and I had trouble with character motivations, so I changed it over to straight Electrick. I feel more confident in my writing now, so you never know.

14. Burn in Heaven – Started to expand on my initial notes. Once I knock a few stories off the list (MW, TBT, Tangle, TSH), I’ll move this higher up.

15. Counting Stars – This went back to the outlining phase to fill in some plot holes and depth.

16. Life For Rent – I have to storyboard this, but inspiration hasn’t hit. I hope to get some Lulu and Dillon DVD edits at some point to help me figure out their story.

Ideas For Novels, Shorts & Novellas

1. The End of Everything – Revising the early chapters to reflect that once Courtney shot Brian, I no longer gave a damn about them as a couple, which was hard. Don’t know how this is going to turn out though.

2. Paternity Switch – This has no title, but it’s just a vague sense of rewriting the 2006 paternity debacle, with the paternity test being switched and Elizabeth actually believing Lucky is the father.

3. Three Weeks, Two Days – a short story that will be a rewrite of a maternity switch nonsense from 2012. It’s outlined and storyboarded, I just have to get pissed off enough to write it.

4. Chesapeak Bay Homage – Unlikely to go very far, but it’s on my list if I’m in the mood for contemporary alternate universe.


Good. Grief. How did I get so bogged down in stories again? Now I remember why I stopped writing. I had too many ideas and not enough hours to write.


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