Story Status, 30 March 2014

In Progress & Stories Coming Up

001. Shadows was completed on March 18, 2014, so yay đŸ˜› That’s one story down.

002. Daughters is almost finished being revised. I know I said I would start reposting it last week, but a few things got in the way of editing, so it’ll return next week when I come home from Oxford.

003. A Few Words Too Many is in progress. There are twenty-four total chapters planned, twelve of which are already completed. Chapter One has been posted, and I plan on posting twice a week until it’s completed. (Next post to come Tuesday if I find time on vacation).

004. These Small Hours is in progress. I have edited the first five or six chapters, and compressed them into three chapters (with no loss of content). I replotted the story, because I realized I had originally intended for Sonny to die, but when I didn’t kill him, I had to write in the fallout, which shifts the story from purely Johnny/Nadine, to equally Jason/Elizabeth, and some small smidgens of Sonny/Kate.  There are eighteen total chapters, of which four are finished. It has been storyboarded, so it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with.

005. Tangle has been completely replotted, and all scenes are storyboarded. There are twenty-five total chapters planned, including three chapters to cover the distance from 2010 to 2024, where the story takes place. (And the first chapter serves as a bridge between 2008-10, because the saga picks up with Michael’s shooting.) There is a vague sense that I will also do some prequels that bridge the smaller stories (Lucky/Sam, Johnny/Nadine, Patrick/Robin, Leyla/Pete) at some point but it’s not on my list of priorities.

Stories Coming Soon

Though the poll still has to run its course, it looks like the top three choices are The Best Thing, Mad World and Slide in that order. That may change, but the order in which the top three fall in the poll will be the order I write them.

006. The Best Thing is partially plotted through big events. I have to sit down and finish out my larger plan for the story before digging into the smaller bits. I don’t plan on doing this until the poll is completed, and I have finished FWTM, Hours, and Daughters.

007. Mad World is completely replotted, it just needs to be storyboarded which won’t be done until the poll is closed, and I finish the three stories I listed above.

008. Slide is only partially plotted. I have pieces of it that remain from my earlier intentions, but I changed the year it was set, and some of the storylines have to change along with that.

Stories Coming One Day

009. Counting Stars has been plotted. There are few last bits to work on before I storyboard the scenes. I may end up just writing it in my free time as it’s not going to be very long.

010.  Life For Rent  has been plotted, and partially storyboarded. I may work on it every once in a while, but we’ll see. It will be finished, if only to rewrite the second half of 2006 so I like it as much as what happened on the show in the first half of the year.

011. Fallen From Grace  has been plotted, some key scenes have been written. It needs to be storyboarded.

012. Collision  is partially plotted. It needs a lot of work before it would be ready for storyboarding, which means it is still far off in the distance.

013. Damaged is being replanned, since I know how AJ is being written out. I had originally planned for it to be an AJ redemption story, but it just…hurts too much. It’s back on the maybe I might trash it list.

014. Heaven Forbid is plotted out in big details, smaller details are being worked out. After that, it just needs to be storyboarded.

015. No Angel is halfway done. I write it in spurts of anger, and it could be done any time.


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