Story Status – 25 October 2014

Haven’t posted one of these in months, so figured now was good as time as any.

1. The Best Thing – Chapters 1-7 are currently posted on the site. I wanted to finish Chapters 8-12 before I resumed posting so I would have a decent buffer zone in case I got sick or things came up. I finished all but Chapter 11, which I intend to finish up this weekend. So, as long as Cora gives them the approval stamp, I should post Chapter 8 by the end of next week.

TBT has been difficult to write for two reasons: Obviously, I’m working with Sonny’s bipolar illness and I really want to do it justice. Secondly, I’ve been challenging myself by taking scenes with Jason/Elizabeth that I would normally do in Elizabeth’s POV and doing them from Jason’s side. It’s…ha…been just that–challenging, but I think Jason’s voice is starting to happen for me.

2. Damaged – Is on permanent hiatus as I play around with a few things. Like TBT, I want to get buffer episodes done so I’m not so hurried along, and put myself into a routine of writing one or two scenes. Not being discontinued, but being bumped for a bit until my creative juices come back to me. I reallly like Billy Miller as Jason which I was not expecting, ha, so may have to adjust for that.

3. Mad World – Next on my list once TBT is closer to being completed. I’m doing some research on the type of crime that’s going to be done in this story, as well the fallout. Once it gets underway, it’s going to be really fun to write but I want to make sure I’m nailing certain aspects. Just because it’s fanfiction, it doesn’t mean it can’t be realistic 😛

4. Fiction Graveyard Stories — I’m gathering them together, editing them for typos. No ETA when they’ll be posted or how often.

5. These Small Hours — Remains in the outlining stages. I have not really had the energy to get back to this story, but I definitely intend to as soon as my brain feels up to it.

6. Feels Like Home (formerly Tangle) — Same place it was in the summer, but hopefully it will start to gel soon.

7. For the Broken Girl — A rewrite of the 2006 drug storyline that’s been in my head but due to the type of content, so far off from being done.

Everything else is in development hell and may not emerge any time soon. Just as I was settling into a new writing routine that was actually working, I came down with an annoying cold that threw me off in all aspects of life, not just writing. Oy.


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